How to use

The video below shows how to use novaspeech's basic functionalities. We would like you to freely explore novaspeech, however you can follow the video if you feel prefer. In the end we kindly ask you to answer the survey so we can receive feedback and improve the tool. Thank you.

Feel free to contact me at any time:

Ricardo Carrapiço
[email protected]
Departamento de Informática
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Use the following information to login:

Email address: [email protected]

Password: demo


Search by Facial Anthropometry in both visible and infrared images to find interesting measurements.


Browse your patients data and follow their development through the different speech exercises. Examine each exercise with visible and infrared images, audio and 3D visualization of different moments of the exercise. Annotate the 3D visualization with distances and save them.


Give access to one of your patients to another therapist to allow him to browse your patients information and help you in your decisions. Revoke this access at any time.